The recipe is the most important product of the design process.  

With all your parts and assemblies defined, both in 3D and 2D, you have the roadmap to help suppliers give you pricing, and a product that meets your requirements.  The recipe includes 3D CAD data that is used by suppliers to make injection molding tools, and most other tooling for each part.  The 2D drawing data is used to show the critical dimensions, the material used, processing notes, and the part number, name and revision.  The 2D data is critical to your recipe, and is just as important as the 3D. 

When your recipe is presented to a supplier, it needs a proper parts list with part and document revision control, and it has to show the assemblies and instructions so the supplier can quote putting it together.  To be successful, you need a good recipe (a six sigma lean design recipe), and you need a properly prepared and organized 3D and 2D database to send to your supplier(s).