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Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

Each project has a detailed project proposal that baselines the project and the cost.

Do you require a down payment to start?
Typically, a percentage of the total project is collected up-front.

Will I be able to review the design?
Yes, CES uses the latest 2D and 3D PDF viewers to review your design.

Do you take credit cards?
In order to keep your cost down, we don’t take plastic.

How quickly can a design be completed?
Once we start a project, there is a focused effort, but much depends on the complexity, participation of the customer, prototype process and selection of suppliers.

Can I tool my parts with a supplier that I choose?
Yes, your CAD database (the recipe) can be sent to any supplier.

Should I have a patent before I start the project?
No, it’s best to have a final design before completing the patent process.

Can you design packaging for the final product?
Yes, while not in the initial proposal, packaging can be added as a phase.

Do you coordinate the prototype build?
Yes, CES orders and assembles the parts to check the design.

Do you charge up front for prototype parts?
Yes, CES provides a detailed prototype listing with the cost, and it is due before any custom parts are ordered.

Are there suppliers in the USA for my product?
Yes, we have a network of suppliers here in the United States.

Can you help with my patent preparation?
Yes, while not part of the initial proposal, we can supply drawings and meet with your attorney to define the merits of the product.

Can you refer me to a patent attorney?
Yes, we have worked with many over the years and can put you in contact.

Can you work onsite with a client?
No, we have daily business with many clients, so we keep regular office hours.

Can you work with product teams within my company?
Yes, we have broad experience working with large and small teams.

Can you lead a project for my company?
Yes, we take the lead all the time to drive projects to completion.

Can you import CAD data from PCB layout to check fit before prototype?
Yes, we can import ECAD data from most layout software.

Can you define the PCB and interfaces for a hand held product?
Yes, we have many years of electronics packaging experience.

Can you help define the product requirements?
Yes, this is an important step before starting any real CAD work.

Can you recommend an environmental test facility?
Yes, we have worked with companies that test to MIL standards.