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Welcome to Creative Edge Product Design Services. We specialize in product design, product development, and product management. Taking your ideas from the napkin to the box shipping to your customer, is what we do. Whether you are new to the product design process, or an old hand, this site can help you understand the steps you should consider and where CES can help you. Creating a product design roadmap, tailored for your specific project, is the first step. This keeps you in control, shows you the steps required, and helps define the cost.

We are a certified six sigma lean design black belt organization. Our approach considers everything from the original concept idea to what materials are used, how it goes together, and how and where it’s made. We even think about the box used to ship it to your customers. Using our product design process is the key to success, and partnering with qualified suppliers for prototype and production makes sure your requirements and expectations are met.

We work with both entrepreneurs and tech companies. If you are an entrepreneur with a good idea, CES can take your idea from a napkin sketch through a working prototype, then on to production for sale to your eager customers. If you are a tech company, we can help you and/or your clients by working seamlessly with your development team.

When you’re looking for a business partner to help you through the product design process, and one that you can trust with your proprietary information, CES is the best choice. We understand that your idea is unique, and how to protect it.

By using our proven "Product Design Process", you get the most robust design. You have the best chance of success in the hands of CES.